Edge stainless steel grinder

The most advanced grinder we ever created, Edge is a gadget that will perform flawlessly for years.

Edge is the most advanced grinder we at Albatrog ever created. Thanks to the combination of laser-cut medical stainless steel and advanced food-grade polymer, Edge offers several features, best of which is never getting clogged and stuck!

Edge features toothless design, which improves the grinding experience. It's easier to use, simpler to clean, and the herb falls out easily. And best of all - it doesn't get stuck!

    Available in two sizes:
  • Medium: 50mm diameter, 18mm thickness
  • Large: 63mm diameter, 18mm thickness

Product breakdown


Toothless design | For smooth and effortless grinding

Quality materials | Better experience and longer lifetime

Unique looks | Makes the grinder stand out among others

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together

High capacity | Grinds a lot despite its small size

Accessories | Extra bits for portability and cleaning

Textured edges | For a better grip


Stainless steel | The grinder's main material

Food-grade polymer | The grinder's mid section/spindle

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together


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