Gear wooden grinder

Simple, lightweight, and paired with a matching pouch - the perfect combo for those, who grind on the go.

Inspired by nature as well as technology, this grinder combines high-tech engineering and industrial design with natural materials. It's made of laser-cur birch plywood, and paired with stainless-steel spindle for precision and durability.

Gear features toothless design, which improves the grinding experience. It's easier to use, simpler to clean, and the herb falls out easily. And best of all - it doesn't get stuck!

    Available in two sizes:
  • Medium: 50mm diameter, 22mm thickness
  • Large: 63mm diameter, 22mm thickness

Product breakdown


Toothless design | For smooth and effortless grinding

Quality materials | Better experience and longer lifetime

Unique looks | Makes the grinder stand out among others

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together

Lightweight | For those who grind on the go

Accessories | Extra bits for portability and cleaning

High capacity | Grinds a lot despite its small size

Textured edges | For a better grip


Birch plywood | The grinder's main material

Stainless steel | The grinder's mid section/spindle

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together


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