Millstone concrete grinder

Simple but effective, it does its job perfectly, even though it looks and feels nothing like an average herb grinder.

The grinder was inspired by millstones used to grind wheat and grains hundreds of years ago. We swapped stone for more modern materials, tweaked the desing and optimized it to work on herbs instead, and created this unique gadget. The result is agrinder, that is a general improvement to a conventional grinder, that uses teeth to do grind the herb.

Millstone features toothless design, which improves the grinding experience. It's easier to use, grinds faster, and the herb falls out easily. And besides that - it doesn't get stuck as much, and is easier to clean.

Product breakdown


Toothless design | For smooth and effortless grinding

Quality materials | Better experience and longer lifetime

Comes in a box | For extra protection, and for storage

Unique looks | Makes the grinder stand out among others

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together

Accessories | Extra bits for portability and cleaning

Textured edges | For a better grip


Type IV plaster | The grinder's main section, a material similar to concrete

Epoxy resin | Certified food-safe coating of the inner surfaces

Anodized aluminium | Grinder's mid-section, durable and colorful

Acrylic lacquer | A thin coating to protect the outer surfaces

Rubber O-ring | Holds the anodized aluminium band in place

Neodynium magnet | Holds the two pieces together

Paper ink | Stamped logo on the top surface


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