Unique material and quality engineering, custom designed to grind your herbs and spices perfectly


Wooden herb grinder - simple design, light weight and natural materials make it an effective every day grinder


Made from laser-cut stainless steel and paired with high-end polymer and compact design for an ultimate grinding experience


Albatrog started as a mere hobby project, but it quickly evonved into something more than just another afternoon activity. We used the knowledge we gained the way and perfected our work, until we mastered the craft.

Albatrog is about art and looks as much as it is about quality and function. We combined engineering knowledge with artist's talent to create quality and appealing products.

By buying from us, you don't only get a quality gadget, but you also support our creativity and enable us to make even more unique creations.

Our goal

We design and make grinders for herbs - but not the way you're used to.

We got rid of the standard design with teeth, and created all of our grinders using the innovative toothless design. Our toothless grinders will grind your herb just as good as the grinders with teeth, but without all the hassle the conventional grinders often cause. Those often get jammed, get piecces of herb stuck between the teeth and quickly become more of a nuisance than help.

We got rid of that in our designs. Our grinders don't get stuck, run smoother and are simply a joy to use.

We also put a great emphasis on quality. We want you to enjoy using our product for years to come.

In short, our goal is to create simple but unique grinders, that grind better and last longer.


If you have any questions or suggestions about the product, feel free to contact us.

We are also looking to cooperate with various people to get our product into the world. Whether you're a store owner, an influencer, or just someone with a wish to collaborate, we'd love to hear from you!

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